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Brawl Stars Eve is a Destroyer type and Chromatic Rarity.  She is an alien race flea, who arrived on a ship and is part of Colonel Ruffs’ trio. And in addition to her main and secondary attacks, she has a very peculiar attribute, which allows her to float on the water with her spaceship.

(!) The content of this post is about a Brawler that has not yet been released in the game. On this page you can check out all the details of what the character will look like when it launches with the next season of Brawl Pass!

For Eve, every life is important… to serve her babies.

Attack: Egg Thrower

  • Eve fires three eggs in a row, each one bigger and stronger than the last.
  • When attacking Eve throws three eggs in a row, which have increasing sizes and damage.

Super Attack: Litter

  • Eve launches a huge egg with several hatchlings that latch onto enemies and deal damage over time.
  • With her Super she throws a large egg on the battlefield, which has several hatchlings that manage to cling to opponents and damage them little by little.


This Brawler has the ability to walk on water, as she floats her ship across the battlefield.


The brawler has two accessories and you can choose which one to use in each match. Accessories can be purchased by upgrading the brawler to level 7, in crates or in store offers.

See what each accessory does:

Eve jumps away, leaving a cub behind.
Upon activating this accessory, Eve jumps away, but leaves a cub behind to deal with the opponent. Use per game: 3 times

Time to go

Chicks hatched from a large egg now heal allies instead of damaging enemies.
When activating this accessory, the chicks that are generated with the large egg (from your super), start to heal your allies.
Use per game: 3 times

Mother's love

Star Power

Star powers are unlocked by placing a brawler at level 9, so the player can earn them in boxes or in store offers. Upon gaining a Star Power the brawler rises to level 10.

See what each accessory does:

Eve's Star Power Inversion - Unnatural Order Inversion
Reverses the order of eggs fired by the Egg Thrower.
With this Power active, instead of your main attack relying on eggs that deal increasing damage, the order is reversed.


Eve's Star Power Surprise - Happy Surprise.
When hitting an enemy Brawler, the largest egg in the Egg Thrower attack releases a hatchling.
If using this Power, the brawler that is hit by the biggest egg of its main attack will have to deal with a baby eve.

little surprise

Brawl Stars Eve's Wiki

Eve is Chromatic Rarity, with Normal movement speed.

LevelHealthAttack damageSuperSuper: Puppy healthSuper Charge per Attack
(biggest egg) Big Egg Life

Balance Changes

None so far…

How to get Brawl Stars Eve?

This chromatic rarity brawler can be unlocked with the 10th season at level 30. For players who buy the Brawl Pass, it will be guaranteed to be unlocked and for those who do not acquire the pass, they will be able to unlock it from level 30 with luck to find it in Brawl Crates, Mega Crates and Big Crates.

Eve skins

Default Eve
Pimpled Eve (Brawl Pass Season 11)

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