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Legendary Brawler: Meg

Is Meg a good brawler in Brawl Stars?

Meg will become Brawl Stars’ sixth legendary Brawler. Meg is the third member of Max and Surge’s trio who is a vending machine repair girl.

What is Brawl Stars Meg attack in Brawl Stars?​

Meg is a squishy Brawler and doesn’t have a lot of HP. She uses a bolt gun for her main gun, which deals “little damage” from medium range. When Meg using her Super, she can became a vending machine repair bot. In this state, she fires eight projectiles quickly using dual-wielded laser cannons. These deal a lot of damage.

Additionally, her super button becomes a secondary attack that deals damage to all enemies in range.

In the super state, Meg gradually loses HP over time. On reaching zero, she returns to her initial state. Hence, Meg can’t be killed in her super state.

Meg Stats, Skills

Attack now does 8 projectiles, 360 damage each. Super turns into a swing that does massive damage. Health increase to 7500, health decays 100/hp second, When her mech is destroyed, she returns to her normal form.

How to get legendary brawlers Meg for free in Brawl Stars?

Literally just play the game. As you play, you’ll get plenty of brawl boxes (both small, medium, and mega, just on the free track of the Brawl Pass) which will give you very high amounts of coins, gems, and even a couple brawlers as long as you consistently play. Keep at it and you’ll get one eventually, it may Meg. It mainly boils down to luck.

Ways to Get Legendary Brawlers for Free In Brawl Stars.

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