2 New Brawlers , the Brawlidays event and more Preview – December/2021 Brawl Talk

The Christmas mood update is coming! Supercell is planning a new update for Brawl Stars, Preview 2 New Brawlers , the Brawlidays event and more news. 🎄

This Thursday (10) was a teaser on the game’s social networks, showing a small preview of the theme of the new Brawl update and confirming that we will have a new Brawl Talk this weekend. Check it out below:

In the image published on twitter it is shown that we will be able to return to the wild west scene, at Starr Bank. And a silhouette of what appears to be one of the new brawlers (or a skin) is shown!

Brawl Talk Preview

And as has been done, the preview of Brawl Talk is already public on Youtube. And in the title and thumbnail we have some interesting previews…

In the title it is confirmed that we will have 2 NEW BRAWLERS, the Brawlidays event and more! In the thumbnail you can see the silhouette of one of the brawlers and in the background an 8-bit (or minecraft) style portal, which indicates that it is a new environment for battles.

This new Brawl Talk is scheduled to be released tomorrow at 13:00hrs, and you can follow the summary of all the news here on the website, in addition to the complete coverage of the update!

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